Our services

  • 1. Consulting and design

  • 2. Project management and operation

  • 3. Conferences and workshops

  • 4.

  • 5. Retail and delivery

  • We take care of a 100% of your company vegetable garden project.
    Skyfarms recruits the participants, and coaches them from the sowing to the harvest in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

  • We follow your preferences to create a selection of fruits, vegetables and flowers that will evolve as the seasons unfold. It will offer you an incredible variety of tastes and colours.

  • Skyfarms organises workshops and conferences on a wide range of themes related to sustainable food production.

  • You are thinking of an urban vegetable garden ? We want to help ! We conduct feasibility studies, we design your garden and create your crop plan…

  • The Skyfarms Shop offers all the essential urban farming supplies: containers, soil, tools, plants…

Do you have a roof, a terrace or garden ? Do you want to grow your company’s culture ? Contact us for more information !